Alaska Halibut Fishing in Homer, Alaska Fantastic Fishing Halibut Charters & Modern Log Cabins Lodging

Alaska fishing for Pacific Halibut, and Alaska fishing for King Salmon on Alaska fishing six-pac boat charters make fantastic Alaska fishing vacations in Homer Alaska which is the "Halibut Fishing Capital of the World!"

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Let Us Personally Help You Plan Your Alaska Fishing Trip of a Lifetime !
The Last Large Fish Landed By ONE OF OUR CLIENTS Weighed 328 Pounds

 Alaska halibut guides agree that Alaska fantastic fishing vacations including Halibut fishing trips to Homer Alaska are fantastic because Homer, AK is the "Halibut Capital of the World" and home of the Homer Halibut Derby sponsored by the Homer Alaska Chamber of Commerce. We also have fantastic Alaskan Salmon fishing. Homer, Alaska is a unique little fishing village situated on the tip of the Kenai Peninsula at the end of the road from Anchorage. Once you visit Homer, Alaska you can't wait to return. Homer is one of the Top Fishing Destinations in Alaska, and is the Premium Destination by which other communities try to compare themselves! The Scientific name (Genus species) of the North Pacific Halibut is Hippoglossus stenolepis (Latin meaning: Horsetongue tinyscale).
The current State of Alaska sport-fishing Record Halibut Weight is 459 pounds.
Don't let the SIZE OF THE FISH we catch scare you - You don't HAVE TO KEEP the BIG-ONES! in Homer

A great day of Alaska halibutting
One-Day Record Catch - 1015 pounds
Here is a lucky Alaska halibutter
Our Largest
Homer Derby Entry
Read Story

We will refund the
charter fare to the fisherman
who books his charter with us
and lands the fish that wins the

If you land a Halibut that weighs more than
your weight on your Drivers License you win
FREE return charter when you book with us.
"Where Fishing is Catching"
EST. 1986
We Have No Mosquitoes!

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toll-free Halibut telephone
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bonded Halibut reservations
Port of Homer's Safe Harbor

All of our charter boats depart from and return to the safety of Homer Harbor.

Both Ninilchick, AK and Anchor Point, AK charter boats have NO SAFE HARBOR from which to depart from and return to. They both launch their charter boats from off the beach into the surf.

Homer Alaska Chamber of Commerce 35 Year Member
Homer Charter Association Founding Member
Homer Derby Founding Committee

Now Taking 2020 Reservations
 Plan Your Alaska Vacation Early!
"The Great Halibut Hunt"

fishing adventure
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Our Charter Boat Captains are all USCG Licensed & Insured , and are all well seasoned and experienced on our local waters of Kachemak Bay and Cook Inlet . Our Charter Boats are 28 foot to 31 foot Deluxe Cabin Cruisers, six-fishermen vessels, with all electronics, and required USCG Safety Equipment.  Our boats are non-smoking.

We HIGHLY DISCOURAGE smoking and drinking on our boats for safety reasons, and purposes of our other client's consideration on a 'shared' charter. There is a little more latitude allowed on an 'exclusive' boat charter all to your own group.

Advance Reservations are Necessary , and walk-ons can rarely be accommodated, because thousands of visitors to Alaska, from all fifty states and many foreign countries, come during the three-month period of June, July & August when we have great summer weather and Fantastic Fishing.

BEFORE you travel to Alaska during June, July or August BE SURE TO MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS IN ADVANCE for fishing & lodging. Planning your trip well in advance is the key to a successful Alaska Vacation. Last minute trips have very limited choices , and you may very likely be 'shut-out' because of NO VACANCY.

Because of the unforeseeable circumstances of your scheduled charter trip being canceled due to a bad weather day or a mechanical breakdown of a charter boat, it is best to schedule your fishing trip for at least two days of fishing. In the case of either uncontrollable event, you will receive a 100 percent refund of your reservation deposit for your canceled trip. 


"What a pity for a man to come to the end of his life and realize that he has not yet lived." - Henry David Thoreau
"Angling is an art worthy of knowledge and practice of a wise man." - Sir Isaac Walton
"Never trust a man who doesn't like to fish." - Will Rogers
"He also divided the two fish among them all, and they all ate and were satisfied. The number of men
who had eaten was five thousand." - Mark 6:41-44

"Do not tell fish stories where people know you - Be sure not to tell them where they know the fish." -- Mark Twain


"You can't take it with you so take a fishing trip to Alaska." - Capt. Bruce Warner
"If you are in your sunset-years of your life, remember this,
there is no fishing after sun-set." - Capt. Bruce

Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day - Teach a man to fish and he will want to buy a boat! -- Anonymous

"If an Alaskan trip is on your bucket-list don't place it too near to the bottom of your bucket."--- Capt. Bruce

"Call us first or Call us last, but BE SURE TO CALL US ANYTIME for the information you need to help your plan your TRIP OF A LIFETIME !".
Call 800-478-7777 Anytime.


Alaska Salmon Fishing
Of all the Alaskan Salmonoids the King Salmon is the largest Alaska Salmonoid. Alaska Salmon fishing charters, Alaska fishing Salmon charters and King Salmon guides.
51 lb. King Salmon
Give a man a fish and feed him
for a day - Teach a man to fish,
and he will head for Homer, AK

We are a NO-FEE referral and Charter Booking Service Coordinator for independent charter boat owner-operators, salmon guides, and lodging accommodations of excellent reputation. We have been in business in Homer for the past 33 years. Tell us your preferences, and "LET OUR EXPERIENCE BE YOUR GUIDE." We take the guess- work out for you, and it won't cost you a nickel more !

Homer, Alaska salmon fishing is saltwater trolling with a fish-finder and down-riggers. There are two King Salmon runs - one in June and one in July. King Salmon average about 30 pounds and range upward to about 60 pounds in weight. The Silver Salmon run occurs in August. Silver Salmon average about 8 to 12 pounds in weight. A day spent on a salmon charter is a great way to relax and have some fun! The Scientific name (Genus species) of King Salmon is Oncorhynchus tshawytscha (Greek meaning: Hooknose salmon).

"Each day spent fishing is not deducted from one's life-time"


Alaska Halibut Fishing
Another boatload of Alaska halibuts
"We need a Bigger fish box"
"Fish-frys Forever!"

Our Halibut Boats are 30-foot six- passenger, twin-engine, deluxe cabin-cruisers with rest- rooms and all the Navigation Electronics including GPS, RADAR, MARINE-RADIO and CELL-PHONES. They are in radio contact with each other for SAFETY. They are fast, comfortable, clean, and odor-free with NON-SMOKING CABINS. They carry a MAXIMUM of SIX FISHERMEN with no over-crowding. All the Captains and Boats are U.S.C.G. Licensed and Insured. You get Personal Attention and Instruction from your Charter Captain, and all our Captains are Owner/Operators - which can make a big difference in the quality of your trip. WE have 50-foot charter boats for those fishermen who prefer a large boat. This size boat will have an average of 12-fishermen on-board and carry a Deck-Hand. All rods, tackle, bait and fish cleaning is provided and included in the Charter-Fare at no added cost. You must provide your own fishing license.

"A bad day fishing beats a good day working"


Alaska Fishing Halibut Charters
These three huge Alaska halibutts weigh a total of 679 pounds
"Three Big'uns average 226# each"
"Fish Bigger than the Fishermen!"

HALIBUT ECONOMICS: Halibut dress-out 50 percent and yield one-half of their live weight in boneless fillets. A twenty-five pound fish will yield boneless fillets with a fish-market value of $250 @ $20 per pound. . Plus, as an added FREE BONUS, you get a DAY OF FUN and the experience of catching your own fish which you don't get at the fish-market. What other recreational activity is there where you bring home a VALUE EQUAL TO the cost of participating? WHAT A DEAL!!!
We meet at the boat at 6:00 am, departure is at 6:15 and return by 5:00 pm. You bring only your rain-gear, lunch & beverage. You can buy Alaska Halibut fishing license and King Salmon tag at the Supermarket Customer Service counter until 10:00 pm. Vacuum-packing, freezing and shipping-services are available for a nominal fee. We welcome Novices, Women and Senior Citizens. Our OLDEST FISHERMAN is 98 years-old, and he brought along his 69 and 71 year-old kids! Bring your wife, she'll love it! On the Scenic boat ride to the fishing grounds you may see Puffins, Sea Otters, Seals, Porpoises, Whales, Glaciers and Steaming Volcanoes all for NO EXTRA CHARGE. We have been arranging charter trips for parties of one to 101 for thirty-one years.

"In Alaska the fish are so BIG we don't have to lie about their size!"

When you fish with us you can release the smaller fish and keep the largest fish you catch each day. We know where all the good fishing holes are.


  • Alaskan Halibut Charter Fishing
    Going home after a successful day of Homer halibuting.
    "Going home with another Limit"
    "Looking Out Our Back Door"
    Seven Homer Derby prize winners.
  • Two fish over 300 lbs. - Largest = 332 lbs.
  • Six Official-State "Halibut Trophies" over 250 pounds.
  • Twenty-three landed in the 200 pound "Halibut Club."
  • Hundreds of "100 Pound Club" fish landed.
  • Two fish over 200 lbs. landed in one day.
  • Record one-day catch = 1,015 lbs. -
    eight fish averaged 122 lbs. each.
  • Largest fish landed by a woman = 190 lbs.-145 pound woman.
  • 98-Year-old fisherman landed a 70 lb. fish
  • Three fish that averaged 226 lbs. each landed in one day
  • Fifty-nine fish over 100 lbs. landed in a single season
  • Two fish over 200 lbs. landed by one fisherman
  • One party has RETURNED 16 YEARS of the 31 YEARS we have been in business!

    “Lots of things in life are fun, but FISHING is way out in front of whatever is in second place!


When Jerald Davenport of Murray, Utah landed his lunker 332 pound halibut, little did he know that he had caught the largest fish ever to be entered in the ten year history of the Homer Jackpot Derby until it was officially weighed in.
Davenport's 332-pounder was caught when fishing on the sport-fishing charter vessel
Halibut Hunter with skipper Captain Bruce Warner.

If no larger fish is entered by Labor Day, Davenport's big fish will win the Homer Derby jackpot of approximately $30,000.

Davenport has been fishing with Capt. Warner for ten years and has landed several fish over 100 pounds, but this one hit "like a nuclear sub," he said.

Homer Jackpot Derby History

Over the past history of the Homer Jackpot Derby the average weight of the winning fish is 320.8 pounds. The weight range of the winners was from 262.0 to 376.0 pounds.

Don't Forget to buy a Derby Ticket!
$10 can Win $50,000

"Alaska is the last Great Fishing Destination in the U.S. and there is more than one reason why Homer is the Top Alaska Fishing Destination"

Alaska Fishing
A fish for all Homer halibutters to envy.
Jerald Davenport of Utah and his fish
"One Fish Can Fill Your Freezer"


ADVANCE RESERVATIONS for charters are required, because when coming to Homer without making reservations in advance it is very OFTEN IMPOSSIBLE to find a walk-on vacancy. Most Fishing Reservations are taken from January thru May, but we book all year around. Earlier reservations have a wider choice of available dates. BOOK EARLY! Multiple-Day charter reservations are suggested because of variable weather and sea conditions. We do not go on STORMY days. Your DEPOSIT is REFUNDED if your trip is cancelled. Reservations are TENTATIVE until a 50 % deposit is received. GUARANTEED RESERVATIONS are CONFIRMED by mail. Deposits are 100% refundable with a 60-day CANCELLATION NOTICE or if we can re-sell the trip. Your RESERVATION DEPOSIT is INSURED by BOND to $50,000.


50 Pound Wall-hanger


2020 Day-Trip Rates per Seat
We have NO SURPRISE fuel surcharge

May - June 14

$260 6-pac boat
$250 16-pac boat
Big Party Boat

Salmon Combos Plus $50

Plus Sales tax

Fish filleting is FREE!

June 15 - Aug 15 $290 6-pac boats
$25016-pac boat
Big Party Boat
Aug 16 - Sept.
$260 6-pac boat
$25016-pac boat
Big Party Boat
50% Reservation Deposit
6:00 AM Departure

Twin 35# King Salmon

Our Long-Range, Big-Fish Charters Trips are the Same Price !
You Can Pay More Elsewhere, But You Won't Get Any Better Fishing !


These are short-range charters which are MOSTLY A BOAT-RIDE out-to and back-from very limited-time fishing trips. These large-boats carry a CROWD OF FIFTEEN OR MORE PEOPLE, and are GREAT FOR LITTLE CHILDREN. Mostly small fish are kept on these boats because there is NO TIME TO RELEASE SMALL FISH and keep larger fish as is done on full-day six-fishermen boats.

Our FULL-DAY six-fishermen halibut charters are REAL FISHING TRIPS !


Our 'full-day' 6-pac boats with a 6:00 am departure is the preferred fishing charter. We welcome first-time and novice fishermen. You pay only for the seats you occupy. We fill the rest. .

As it is in general, the cheapest price IS NOT A GOOD criteria for selecting a charter.
It's the high cost of fuel that is driving up charter fares. Fuel is our biggest expense

The difference between lower priced charters and our price is they may add-on a fuel surcharge
 to the price of their charter fare after you book your reservation.
We Guarantee our Charter Price to You at the Time of Your Booking!
Alaska Fantastic
  P O Box 3042
Homer, AK 99603
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This is what 'sheer happiness' looks like !

We are a 33 year member of the Homer Chamber of Commerce,
and we are Licensed & Insured for your protection.



We do not consider your charter fare spent the moment you step on the boat, but rather at the end of a good day of fishing. We do not keep a percentage of your charter deposit on weather cancelled days, but rather refund 100% of your deposit. Our goal is to provide you with the most pleasurable and memorable experience possible so you will want to return and fish with us again, and so you will recommend us to your friends. Word-of-mouth personal referrals have been our most effective advertising. Our business reputation over the years has been built on this premise. You will be glad you booked your charter with us because you are covered by our Exclusive Charter Warranty.




Fly to Anchorage and Drive to Homer. Homer is 99% of what Alaska is all about!

There is no Anchorage Alaska fishing for halibut. The scenic drive from Anchorage to Homer is only 225 miles from Anchorage on a paved highway. Below, you will find a list of Anchorage, Alaska car rentals and lodging recommendations.

Our summer visitors all say, "We should have planned to spend more time in Homer, but we will be back!"

Suggested Guideline 7-Day-Itinerary
Day 1: Fly to Anchorage (with lots of anticipation !)
Day 2: Morning Sightseeing drive to Homer
   (225 mi/4.5 hrs @ 50 mph on paved hwy )
Tour Homer afternoon & evening
Day 3: Fishing Charter (optional 1-day)
Day 4: Fishing Charter (optional 2-day)
Day 5: Fishing Charter (optional 3-day)
(You may fish more days if you like)
Day 6: Morning Sightseeing drive to Anchorage
   (225 mi/4.5 hrs @ 50 mph on paved hwy )
Tour Anchorage afternoon & evening
Day 7: Fly Home (with lots of satisfaction and fish!)

Ask About the Log Cabins Lodging

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Alaska Adventure 877-227-0650   OceanviewRV Park 907-235-3951

We've Got 50# Kings
Come and Get'em !


2020 Day-Trip Rates per Seat
We have NO SURPRISE fuel surcharge

May - June 14

$260 6-pac boat
$250 16-pac boat
Big Party Boat

Salmon Combos Plus $50

Plus Sales tax

Fish filleting is FREE!

June 15 - Aug 15 $290 6-pac boats
$25016-pac boat
Big Party Boat
Aug 16 - Sept.
$260 6-pac boat
$25016-pac boat
Big Party Boat
50% Reservation Deposit
6:00 AM Departure

A box of Silver Salmon
 Limit of 3 Per Day

"The Great Halibut Hunt"

fishing adventure
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Call Anytime at 800-478-7777
Fly to Anchorage, AK & Drive to Homer, AK

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